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We are Courteous and Professional

STL Wheelchair thanks and appreciates those clients who took time to call in or email to express their positive experiences with STL Wheelchair.

The driver was very pleasant. I really appreciate the service, this is the second time that I have traveled with her, she is a good driver. The driver greeted me and asked how I was doing, the client said that she was such a pleasant lady. Thank you for the wonderful service.

H. Jeanne

STL driver who drove her home was beautiful, was excellent – what I like. Would love to have him again, very nice man.

B. Colleen

“Client’s son wanted to commend driver for using the ramp and dropping his mom off in a safe place.”

P. Mary

“Client was very happy with service by the driver. The driver was very sympathetic and walked the client to the door and made sure she was safely inside, due to the rain. The client was very grateful and wants to make sure the driver is commended.”

L. Aurora

The client said the driver is wonderful, very helpful, kind and always willing to do something for the clients. The client said she is a very safe driver and always has the ramp ready for her. Client said she can not say enough about this driver “she is just wonderful”

C. Joyce

The client called to say “driver was extremely helpful, excellent service”.

N. Violetta

The client stated, “On my trip from Bloor Street to Watline the driver gave excellent service to me and another passenger in the vehicle. She drove very carefully and within speed limits. She was very courteous and assisted passengers the way a driver for disabled transit should assist”.

A. Boris

Client would like to put in a commendation to the lady driver who was very kind and professional. She was helpful, she didn’t rush her, told the client to take her time, client wants her manager to know that she did a wonderful job. Thank you.

S. Doreen

Client wanted to say she is always pleased and happy with STL Wheelchair Services.

M. Maria

The STL driver who provided my transportation was outstanding in every way that I can think of. What I found particularly helpful was that before I even started to drive my extra wide scooter onto the lift, he had all 4 hooks on the floor that would secure my scooter removed. This made it so much easier to back my scooter into the position behind the driver’s seat, and therefore it took less time to get in the needed position (I remain on my scooter in all bus type vehicles). It further added to the time efficiency when he guided me to back up as far as possible (in the forward facing position behind the drivers seat) then he was able to hook the two securement hook on the front (located on the sides of the scooter) with relative ease because there was more space at the front of the scooter to get to the hook close to the wall. Afterwards he guided me to pull forward slightly so that he could place the two back hooks (located on the sides as well) We worked well as a “team” and provided each other with positive feedback. His encouragement and compliments regarding my driving on the scooter and being responsible as well, helped me feel relaxed-making it more efficient in boarding and exiting the ramp and bus. I could say much more to compliment him!!! This driver is the best each time, based on my experiences of the times I have been transported in a bus type vehicle. Thanks.

S. Shelley

The caller would like to advise that the driver this morning was very courteous, smiling, and very helpful. She made her feel comfortable and she made her feel as though the client was her mother. It was so nice to feel like that.

T. Domeneca

The client would like to say that the driver from STL Wheelchair is one of the best drivers. She loves to be picked up by this driver all the time.

B. Colleen

The client would like to advise they had a great experience this morning with this particular STL wheelchair driver. She assisted the client and did a great job.

P. Elizabeth

The client wanted to advise that the vehicle and driver were “fabulous”. She stated the driver was such a kind and lovely man. She states today was her first time the electric wheelchair and the driver assisted her and was very kind. He was verbally providing her with the instructions in order to board the vehicle.

J. Halima

To the driver who really does an incredible job at all times: Sorry that I have not been able to write you commendations like I have been wanting to because I feel you provide me with amazing service the many times you have driven me. You demonstrate such amazing skills in so many ways each time. On this occasion, I was impressed with your planning and effectiveness managing rush hour traffic on the challenging journey from just inside Oakville/Mississauga border to a busy area of Brampton that is long and crazy busy. I can see that the route you skilfully took this time and on other occasions maximized effective use of the time getting me there at the earliest possible time. Each time I enjoy being transported by STL Wheelchair. I feel safe and comfortable (smooth driving for example). I could write more… but to summarize… outstanding once again and 2 mornings in a row. Look forward to being driven by you again!!!

B. Kristine

The client would like to compliment her driver this morning. She said that she was wonderful!

S. Smith

A client called in to say that the ride she took was ‘extra good,” her exact words. She said the driver was tall and sweet and it was a very pleasant ride.

W. Vivian


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